Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet the Brittles

Hello Brittle Fans!

Monstermania is about to be published, and the excitement is mounting. Some of you have already had a Sneak Preview of the book. The adventures of Riff, Lefty, Mojo and Sticks are now set to begin. And I have many more surprises in store for you. Prepare for a Magical Mystery Tour.

Hal Pollock

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  1. Wow, I can't wait to get my hands on the actual printed book! And I'm not saying that because I am the illustrator. It's FAB!


    Anthony Parisi

  2. What About Those Monsters!

    Finally, the long awaited Brittles children’s book to compliment Hal Pollock’s popular ‘So Many Monsters’ and ‘Monster For President.’ I started reading ‘So Many Monsters’ with my 4 year old niece about 2 years ago and every time she visits it’s the first book she reaches for. Auntie, can you read me the monster book? Hal’s books are totally engaging because he bridges the gap between generations. The ‘Brittles’ is a great example of this. If you are a product of the 60’s and familiar that music genre, you will definitely have a great time sharing this with your child. I am also waiting for Hal’s baseball book to be released called ‘Monsters At Bat’ to complete my 4 book set. I am also going to surprise my niece by combining the ‘Meet The Brittles’ book with the matching charm bracelet. This series of books is seriously worth it.

  3. I bought a signed copy of this for my 5 year old son. We read this almost every night. He just loves it. Keep em coming Hal.

  4. I love the Brittles! Hal you are doing a great job! The way you include the titles of the songs in the copy is terrific! And the Monster at Bat is a favorite becuase I love baseball. I can't wit for the Brittles jewelry to com out. Besides buying one for myself I am getting 3 for my nieces!
    What next Hal, a novel about the legal world for grownups?

  5. My three-year-old is chomping at the bit for me to read her "the monster book that Daddy drew". She has no idea that I am going to surprise her with some Brittles jewelry!

  6. The book is A W E S O M E… and the matching jewelry is F A N T A S T I C… my company who is the manufacturer of the jewelry line is so excited to be part of this amazing project. I am having so much fun working with Hal. I have samples of the jewelry line in my office and my staff just loves trying them on… the book with the jewelry are a fabulous combination…… we love the brittles!!!!

  7. Hey Lads, Hey Birds,

    Can you believe it? A blog!! Not a frog, Riff a blog... This is brilliant! Check out the jewelry, now you can really rattle them while you twist and shout.
    So what are you waiting for? This is fantastic!! Get the buke, get the jewelry and really have some fun!
    All you need is monsterbukes... Sorry Riff, I changed the lyrics a bit...

    Thanks Hal, we love it yeah yeah yeah!

  8. AWESOME WORK! Great writing and wonderfully illustrated.

  9. I read the first draft of the Brittles book a few months ago and it reminded me of the good ole days starting in 1964. The abbreviated history of the most popular band of the 60’s is incorporated into this fabulous children’s book distinguished by Hal’s monstermania cartoon-like characters. Not just a book for children, but captivating and humorous reading for adults who can now share their past memories with future generations in a fun way. I can see why all the excitement is brewing. . .

  10. just plain brilliant! the world can now rest. the beatles will live on for eternity with the Brittles!

    what shear genious! finally something for the new generation to remember the Beatles by!

    cheers to Hal Pollock mates!

  11. Very exciting, with a Twist. Makes you want to Shout. A Catchy name "Brittles" along with great illustration and a wonderful story make this a must have for any child.

  12. Hi Hal,
    I'm having a hard time posting something on the site(not sure if it's my computer here). If you could post it for me that would be great!

    We have a signed copy of So Many Monsters from the wonderful Hal Pollock! I remember the night I brought home the book Anthony ( 6) and William (4) could hardly wait for bedtime that night. They were so excited about the story and the wonderful pictures of all the monsters. It's now the only book we read before bed!! The boys also have their very own Brittle watches and love to show them off to all their friends.
    We look forward to more fun stuff from Hal!

    Sara B.
    Aurora, Ohio

  13. The world has been waiting for a new children's character book, that will be swept up world-wide, so all can enjoy through music, song, animation, merchandise, TV, movies, etc. I predict Hal Pollock's Monster/Brittle books will be bigger then Dr. Suess, & Seame Street all rolled up in one. The fun reading rhyming books are ones you want to read again and again to your children and grandchildren.
    The illustrations are the best.
    What a perfect time to roll out all the Monster Books including the introduction the Brittles. The world needs lots of smiles and that's exactly what you get when you read Pollock's books to kids. (And you should see the adults reactions) Best wishes for continued success. Like the Beattles, Hal Pollock's books are FAB-U-LOUS!

  14. We were privileged to see a preview of the book and were absolutely blown away! Hal, you have managed to capture the spirit of the Fab Four while incorporating an irresistible appeal to both young and old alike! What a treat for all of us!

  15. Love the Monster books and can’t wait to see the new Brittles books.  In our home we have every Caldecott winning book and many, many other books for the grandchildren.  BUT, they always choose SO MANY MONSTERS!  They love it and so do we.  More Monster books please!!!

  16. I purchased two of the monster books at a women’s show this last February in Cleveland, OH. A few months later I was compelled to email Hal that my grandchild loved them so much that I wanted a copy of the ‘Brittles’ book as soon as it’s released. The rhymes and play on words makes it enjoyable for both parent and child. Can hardly wait and remember Hal -- I get an autographed copy!

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  18. Hi Hal
    Congratulations on your achievement! It's clever how you have managed to incorporate so many song titles into the story. This is a good mix of musical history, captivating characters and moptop monsters. Computers are great but nothing beats reading a story with a child.
    I wish you great success.

  19. Having worked for several years with Mr. Pollock, I have always been impressed with his legal abilities and creativity dealing with legal and business matters. But I was totally blown away when I first was exposed to the Brittles. His early childhood memory of the Beatles' concert he attended with his Father must have planted an idea that germinated for decades, culminating with the birth of the Brittles. His artistic talent blended with his business acumen to make it a reality for the enjoyment of children and their parents worldwide.

    Charles C. Rosenbaum, CPA

  20. My 6 year old son is so engaged with the monster books he is learning to read at an accelerated rate. I am confident that parents will find these books filled with all the elements needed to raise enthusiastic readers including the confidence to read out loud. I can hardly wait to surprise my son with the ‘Brittles’ book and the baseball book since the previous books have been added to our family activities.

  21. I was lucky enough to preview the book the other day and it was great. This book will be loved by all generations. I'm sure Hal will have a Monster (pun intended) hit on his hands. Just like 1964 when the Beatles changed the music world it will now be the Brittles turn to change the children's book world.


  22. Wow, when I started reading i was having a bad day, but just a short itme into the book I was smiling and felt like a milion! Thanks for the boost the Brittles are great!

  23. Captain’s Log. Entry No. 1

    Hello Brittles’ fans!! This is the Captain speaking. Today is a big day in Brittles’ history. Monstermania is sweeping the globe!! It is being introduced at the London Book Fair. And it looks like it is going to make a big splash across the pond. Brits Simon Ramsden, (Liverpool drummer), and Ernie Sutton of the British Beatles Fan Club have already checked in. How cool is that? You can now purchase your Brittles’ watches and jewelry in the Monsterbooks’ store. This will give you something to rattle from the cheap seats. And soon you be able read excerpts from The Brittles’ Invasion on the website.

    Keep watching this blog for new information, and keep posting your entries. I love hearing from you.

    Captain Maxwell Silver 4/18/09

  24. Wow, this is an awesome book that everyone can enjoy. The illustrations are great, and the writing pays a wonderful tribute to the Beatles while bringing them to yet another generation.
    Keep up the great work Mr. Pollock.
    We are looking forward to the next book in your series.

  25. Wow! The Brittles are fun for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. It's safe to say that they have passed the audition -- with flying colors!

    Mike Phillips

  26. Wishing you the best of success with your Meet the Brittles book. I look forward to adding a copy to my collection.

    John Bezzini

  27. Meet the Brittles...

    I am so happy to meet these lovable characters! -Such a fantastic book!
    What a wonderful and wacky band of familiar personalities sharing with us
    all (kids, teens and adults!) the amazing history of the most brilliant
    rock band ever in such a clever and entertaining tale! The Brittles are
    each so endearing and charming -they are sure to become a global phenomenon
    just like the Beatles themselves! I can't wait to be one of the first fans
    to collect and wear all of the Brittles' jewelry and watches! (Truly
    iconic, but young at heart and oh so fashionable!)
    Thanks for bringing such joy to everyone who owns and reads "Meet the
    Brittles"! -Fran Spring

  28. The Beatles and The Brittles go together like peanut butter and jelly. Isn't there just a little monster in all of us? I know there's at least a little peanut butter and jelly. All The Beatle Best Of Luck to you Hal on your terrific project from your Bruncher Buds at

    Joe J. & Don E Gee

  29. We are "Octopus' Garden", the Beatles Fanzine By and For Fans have been waiting for this book to come out ever since we first heard about it. Everything we've heard about MEET THE BRITTLES "screams of excitement" and the time is close. It's a new and unique way of presenting the Beatles to all the young fans of the world. "The Brittles" is bound to be a FAB hit with kids around the world. We can't wait to get our copy.

    Tom Aguiar, Editor and Publisher of Octopus' Garden.

  30. Great stories and I luv the characters!! Can’t wait for more.

    Greg Glick

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  32. The Brittles are great. The song titles fit the story perfectly. The books
    help to relive all the memories of the 60s. The Beatles will live on. Their history can be shared and passed on to future generations. The jewlery items are absolutely beautiful.

    Great Job Hal

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  34. Captain’s Log. Entry No. 2

    Hello Brittles Fans!! Can you handle more excitement? Click below for a Sneak Preview of the cover of The Brittles’ Invasion.

  35. Hi Hal

    I just wanted to drop you a note telling you much my family and I enjoy reading about the brittles. I am a fan of the beatles and the Brittles is a very fun and inventive way of relaying thier story. To my kids who are second hand fans because of thier age it has educated them in a fun and interesting way of one of the greatest groups of all time. We eagerly await the ongoing story of The brittles that you have talkled about. thank you for investing the time, effort and ingenuity required to bring these creations to life.


    Alex Solomon and Family

  36. Hi Hal,

    Okay, Okay, guess what showed up today! I hang my head... Thanks for the nice little autographed copy! Sweet. Now all I need is Brittle jewelry and I will order some more bukes next paycheck for Father Christmas to distribute to the family and friends.

    Thanks again, what a wonderful job you did!

    Helen Fidler

  37. Post from Hey Jude!!

    I ordered six books. Some for my daughters and some for my grandchildren. Will they ever be surprised.
    Enjoy the New York Expo. Wish I could be there!!

    Judy Rodriguez

  38. “Simply brilliant! What a concept, great story and beautiful illustrations. Children and adults worldwide will dig your wonderful book!!”

    Scott Acton
    WNTI-FM/ Hackettstown, New Jersey

  39. This idea and concept will be a WINNER! No one can hold a tidal wave back.

    Stanley N. Lozowski